I had this moment recently when I was scrolling through my Instagram and I noticed that every post that wasn’t from someone I immediately knew, was about travelling or parenthood.  I follow so many photographers, travel companies, travel bloggers, Mummy bloggers etc.  I have never been able to find what I have really been looking for though.  Something that suits me, my life style, my financial situation.  This is what I have been searching for since I became a Mum.  There are bloggers who are backpacking around the world but I am unable to do that because I have a child and I could never stay in a hostel with her.  There are other bloggers who are able to use their savings to be able to see the world- unfortunately I don’t have any significant savings.  There are so many others who fit into many other categories but none that I feel I fit snugly in. I have travelled quite a bit in my past, I was lucky enough to travel with my family while growing up and then again when I went on my honeymoon and when I was pregnant.  Since my daughter was born though, I have not been able to do much in the way of big trips as money has always hung over my head.

I have now decided that it is not just something that I want to do, it is something that I need to do.  I need to take control of my life, to drive it where I want it to go.  I want to be able to show my daughter the world.  I want to be able to explore with her, hand in hand.  For us to both see the world through new eyes.  I want to be able to watch her as she gets to see and experience things for the first time and to be a part of that experience.

The big question, is how? How is a single parent supposed to save for the big trips or even afford them at all?

That is what I want to work out and work through.