All of the lights


I've been waiting until this year to take my daughter to the Vivid Festival in Sydney. I've always been quite strict on routine. Ensuring she is in bed at a reasonable time... I know there are always exceptions however, I avoid late nights for her as much as possible (especially as I pay for them the next day with her moods!!).

Now she is 4, I thought that she would be old enough to really appreciate the Vivid Festival.
The festival is run all throughout Sydney; in the city, Chatswood, Taronga Zoo etc.

We went to see the lights in Chatswood, making a night of it by having an early (inexpensive) dinner of dumplings (a family fav).
My daughter was so excited at the adventure of eating dinner out. She managed to make 2 new friends just at the restaurant who were also going to look at the lights afterwards.
Turns out, she was way more excited about her new friends. We walked down the street talking about the pretty lights and all she could talk about were her new friends. When we got to the lights, she gave them a brief look, played with an octopus tin drum that was set up but spent the rest of the time searching for her new friends.

[video ]

There was one other highlight of the night..... being given a wand that lights up by my dad.

I will try again next year, maybe to the Taronga Zoo lights (if they have them there again). With any luck she will be interested in them as they are beautifully decorated animals.

Kids are so funny.... you plan something that you think will be a lovely activity that they will absolutely love. Instead, for months afterwards, they talk about the new friends they made and the gifts they were given. It was a really cool outing though, I love going on adventure and seeing new things with my girl. She never ceases to amaze me.

I definitely recommend going to see the lights though.... possibly kids older than 4 will appreciate them more though as my daughter took about 5 seconds to appreciate the lights and the rest of her time was spent running around like crazy.  The other possibility is that my daughter was so excited to be out after dark that she didn't care about the reason we were there (lol).