Disney World... amazing experience, but worth the cash?


There is no way to skirt around the fact that Disney World or anything that is Disney related is insanely expensive.  The tickets alone are exorbitant but then when you add in what is innately within the nature of a child- to ask for everything that is remotely appealing, the costs start to sky rocket.  A bottle of water alone is $3 when often in the USA, a water bottle can be bought from a vending machine for $1.25.  However, it is the memories and the experience that you will remember down the track, not how broke it sent you.... right? I mean, the US$46 hair wrap was totally worth the memories....?

To be completely honest, my daughter is 5, I have no idea how much she will remember and how much will be wasted.  We are here though and I am determined to make the most out of the experience.  Like any parent these days, I have a ridiculous amount of photos to remind her and to refresh her memory when it fades.

In an attempt to continue to introduce her to new things, I was excited when she made the height requirement for rides.  Turns out, it pays to be tall for her age! We went on a roller coaster and two 3D experiences.... none of which were a hit on day one.  Day two, she was more adventurous and actually enjoyed the big kid rides like Splash Mountain.  Day three was at Epcot, we didn't go on many rides and those we did go on were very

After 3 days of Disney World, a different resort each day, I can safely say that I am utterly exhausted.  I have been continuously asked to buy something for the last 3 days, I have spent good money on meals that were asked for only to have them not eaten, I have been argued with at every turn and dealt with many disagreements along the way.  Right now, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

We have created so many beautiful memories though.  Meeting various characters including a certain fairy, several princesses and other Disney characters.  Seeing fireworks and light displays.  Going on all sorts of rides and adventures.  I now understand why so many parents spend so much of their hard earned cash on these places, it is all for the smiling, laughing face of that little being that you created.  It is something special that you have now shared with this little person.  If you have managed to get your face away from the camera (which I admit, I find difficult to do!), to see the world through the eyes of your child and to see those eyes light up at these experiences is utterly priceless.  If I was rich (hahahaha) I would be doing this on a regular basis.... My daughter was asking for something today, and when I asked when she would use it, she answered "next time we are at Disney" LOL!!! I had to break the news that I have no intention of coming back for a few years.