First trip- just the two of us


So today, I did what I have been dreaming about and talking about for a long time.  I booked a trip for my daughter and I.  We have done countless interstate trips but have always had the comfort or back up of being surrounded by family when we go away.  This will be my first international trip just the two of us. I am both incredibly excited but also quite apprehensive about the trip.

I have booked us to go to Japan for 2 weeks.  I am planning on taking her to Disneyland and hopefullly DisneySea too.  She is super stoaked... she is unaware at this stage that her favourite Disney Princess Moana is not a resident of Tokyo Disneyland.  I am hoping that she will be so distracted by all the other exciting things that she doesn't realise until we have left.  Either that, or I will have to tell her that Moana was out wayfinding or something :)

Travelling with little ones is an interesting process.  When we have been interstate, she has needed to have quiet time after arriving in the hotel to get to know her surroundings.  Even if we arrive after bed time and she is totally exhausted, she will still need to have time to settle into her surroundings.  I am hesitant to plan too much for the trip as I have no idea what her needs will be when we are away.  She loves to just potter around the house when we are at home.  She also loves to go on adventures but generally one big outing is enough as she fatigues quite easily.

Normally when I am travelling, I will have a big breakfast and spend the entire day out exploring the new city.  I like to see what the life is like during the day and then how the city comes alive at night.  I love to feel the history where I am walking and spend time thinking about what and who has passed the streets that I am walking.

All of this will change when experiencing a new country with my Princess.  I am trying to not travel about too much.  I am going with a list of things that I would like to do but will try to limit the amount of things we will do in a day so we are then able to continue to explore the next day.

I think one of the biggest ways that my trip will be affected will be in the evenings.  Once my daughter is in bed for the night, I will be stuck in the hotel (likely planning the next days activities over a glass of wine :) )

The count down is on and we are both super excited... only 10 days to go!!! Anyone have any advice on what we should see and do while there? The last time I was in Japan I was pregnant so it will be a totally different experience.