Going to plan... or not


You know when you plan ahead for something and as each day passes, you allow yourself to become more and more anxious about  a particular part of whatever it is you have organised...?  This can range from a whole heap of things, organising big events, weddings, holidays or even attending something. I seem to have made this a bad habit since becoming a Mum.  Initially, I would be anxious about sticking to her routine or the act of getting from A to B.

These last couple of weeks I have got myself all worked up on how my daughter will go on the long flight to Japan.  Knowing that we would have an early morning, that I would have to wake her up just to catch the flight.  Also knowing that once we arrived, we would have to figure out our way to the train station, get our Japan Rail pass then catch the train for nearly 2 hours (including a change from train to subway and then walk to our Airbnb accomodation.

I was so worried that my daughter wouldn't sleep on the flight and that would then cause a domino effect with tantrums and difficult behaviour all the way through the transport taking us to Yokohama.  Luckily, she surprised me and was amazing! I think that my excitement for the trip rubbed off on her.  She kicked up a fuss about falling asleep telling me that she wasn't tired but then when I asked her for a cuddle, she ended up falling asleep in my arms and sleeping for 2.5 hours of the flight.  What a relief!! This meant that she was patient when I was trying to sort out my data issues, when we were waiting in line at the JR office and when we were catching the train.

It also meant that she was patient when we were getting lost in one of the train stations trying to find an ATM and a toilet for her.  Even still more patient when we were walking the streets of Yokohama trying to find our accomodation (which we managed to walk past ATLEAST once!).

In booking and organising this trip, I had no idea what to expect of her.  No idea how she would be once we arrived and whether she would need the first couple of days to just chill and get into her rhythm.  I was right about that one, she did need to have a couple of 'home' days to relax and get ready to explore.  In fact, I am still waiting on her to get to the point where we can explore.  I am hoping that tomorrow us our day to do so.  Last night she was in bed and fast asleep by 5.45pm! This is totally unheard of! Today, she fell asleep in my arms while we were out to lunch- definitely an indication that something wasn't quite right- my daughter literally never falls asleep without planning and coaxing!

I am learning to be more relaxed when it comes to travelling and mothering.  I have not been too bothered about not moving far within out first couple of days being in a new country.  Well..... I may be exaggerating a little with that- I just can't allow myself to think of all the things that I want to be doing but am not.  Being able to travel with her and introduce the world to her is my priority so if that means I need to allow myself a couple of days after arrival to chill and allow her to get her head around where we are, so be it.

Wish us luck with the next chapter of this trip :)