HELLO Phillip Island


At the start of this year, we flew down to Melbourne to go to Phillip Island for my cousin’s wedding.  I am going to write a post about this amazing place shortly, however my first experience of The Island started off in quite a colourful way.

I wore a denim dress for the flight, one that has buttons down the front of it.  What I didn’t realise until we arrived in Melbourne was that the buttons were too small for the button holes.  We landed, I had my hand bag, my daughter’s back pack, our suitcase and a car seat….while also trying to hold my daughter’s hand.  Every step I took, a different button would come undone, some of them I was able to do up as I was walking but they seemed to be rare occurrences.  I had to stop walking every 5 metres to do up my dress.  There were several times where the only thing that was holding my modesty in tact was the fact that I was carrying the car seat in front of my body which was covering up anything that would have been showing otherwise.  At one stage, as we were at the hire car place to pick up our car for the long weekend, I put everything down that I was carrying so I was able to do up the buttons of my dress.  I only had one button that was keeping the dress together.

I thought I had moved into a quiet little corner to do this but as I was there, one of the staff members of the car hire place came and stood right where I was attempting to get myself together.  He made a little comment without realising what I was doing.  It wasn’t until a minute later that he realised what had happened and he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t look me in the eye again.  I suspect that he saw more than he bargained for.  Poor guy lol.

Fast forward to the next morning.  We were staying in a gorgeous caravan park in a little room that had a bathroom, and a bedroom, tiny bar fridge and not much else.  My parents were staying in a room a couple of doors down.  I told my daughter that I was just going to have a quick shower.  I left the door to the bathroom open so I could attempt to keep an eye on her.  As I finished my shower, I stepped out and realised it was freezing cold in our room…this was because the door to outside was wide open and my daughter was no longer in our room.  Needless to say, I was extremely worried.  I didn’t bother drying off, threw the towel around me and ran out of the door calling her name.  Turns out she had walked out and let herself into the room where my parents were.  It was enough to totally freak me out as all the possible scenarios flew through my mind.

I hadn’t been in Victoria for more than 12 hours and had almost showed my all on 2 separate occasions.  For the rest of the weekend, my aunty kept reminding me to keep my clothes on…how embarrassing!!!