The beauty of audio books with children


In January this year, I downloaded some audio books for my daughter to listen to while we were on a 5 hour car trip.  I ordered the audio books for Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree series narrated by Kate Winslet.  I remembered loving these books when I was little.  I remember curling up and looking through the pages and drifting off into my imagination while thinking about the different lands and adventures that the children experience in the stories.

I actually didn't expect for my daughter to be as into the books at this age.  When I bought them in January, she wasn't even 4 yet.  The books are long so they need to be read or listened to in stages.  I wasn't sure whether she would remember what had happened in the previous chapters or remember each of the characters etc.  I was so wrong!!!

Since January, my daughter has been almost obsessed with these books.  We listen to a chapter (or more) in the evenings when she is going to bed.  She will listen to them when she is eating her meals.  She will listen to them when she is wanting some quiet time.  She will beg for them when we are in the car and listening to these books will immediately calm her if she has had a big day or is feeling out of sorts.  We have been on flights where she has not made a peep because she has been so engrossed in listening to her stories.

Both the Mummy and the teacher in me absolutely LOVES this obsession of hers.  She is actively listening, a skill which I think is so important to teach or allow our kids to be able to develop.  By listening to her books all the time, she isn't having as much screen time (these days, we need to celebrate that when we can!).  She has started using her imagination in the most beautiful way, creating new 'lands' to visit, incorporating herself into the stories.  We have even managed to find the old versions of the books that I read when I was little and my daughter loves looking through them, she now corrects me when the book version differs from the audio book version.

I have been playing them from my phone or tablet so have been able to link it via bluetooth to my car or to my bluetooth speaker.   It is a nice, relaxing activity for her to be listening to her stories while drawing or doing craft.

I can't express how awesome this find has been.  The books she has been listening to are;

The Enchanted Wood

The Magic Faraway Tree

The Folk of The Faraway Tree

I am currently working on getting her to show an interest in other audio books but even after 7 months of this series, The Faraway Tree Series is still the clear winner..... anyone have any recommendations on other audio books for young children? Let me know :)

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