Preparation is KEY!!

Packing to travel takes time and a huge amount of preparation.  We have been away for 2 of the last 2.5 months.  I have learned the things that I do not want to travel without.  These things have looked after us both through 6 countries.  

Mummy the packhorse

I don't know about you, I definitely do not have an iron gut whilst travelling- TMI, I know! I am just trying to look out for you ;) 

The first and most important thing to do before travelling is check whether you're in need of any vaccinations before you fly.  Each country is different, if you're heading into a developing country, especially with a child, I highly recommend that you go with your eyes wide open.  Do what you can to protect you both (sorry to my anti vaccination friends.... I am on the pro team).

My list of 'must haves' when travelling both alone and with my child is as follows;

  • Travelling through Asia, many of the toilets do not have toilet paper, it is wise to always have some in your bag/backpack.  Along the same lines, tissues, baby wipes and hand sanitiser will all be used daily or, if not, very frequently.  When travelling with a small child, you never know when you will need to pull over on the side of the road for a toilet stop and you probably won't go anywhere without wipes and sanitiser anyway :)
  • Little nappy bags also come in handy along the way.  I use them for rubbish, wet clothes, everything.  These are especially used when you are somewhere without rubbish bins.
  • Less of a necessity, however extremely useful- things to help to wash your clothes.  You can pack your own string, washing powder and plastic bags to be able to do it anywhere.  This is great for several reasons- you will save money if you're not using a laundromat/laundry service (this is if your accomodation does not have a washing machine), you will be able to pack less and if you're travelling with children, you will need it for all of the food spills, falls and dirt that their clothes magically acquire day to day.
  • Gastro stop tablets.  Depends on how long you're away but I took 2 packs when away in India and Bhutan.  Took another pack when in USA, Cuba and some of the Caribbean islands.  They work wonders for travellers gut which can happen simply from eating different foods than usual.
  • Probiotics.  I double my daily dose while away and do the same for my daughter.  Makes a world of difference, trust me! Hey, they say that the gut is the second brain, right :)
  • If your gut is seriously bothersome when travelling, go to your GP and get a prescription for antibiotics that help with travellers gut.
  • Final must have for the gut problems..... electrolyte effervescent tablets.  They're compact and can be used for so many things.  They can rehydrate you after long flights, they can lessen the hangover after too many drinks the night before, they can also hydrate your body if you get gastro or travellers gut.  Highly recommend these goodies :)

Stay tuned for my packing tips.  We pack one suitcase for the two of us, much of that is taken up with night time nappies :)