Yearning to travel... my story and some of the hurdles


I have always enjoyed travelling, being able to see the world and feel the history in the places that I visit.  I love to walk the streets of an old town and imagine what those old trees or buildings have seen.  My main issue when it came to seeing the world was being able to afford it.  I was lucky enough to travel with my parents while I was growing up, which gave me both an appreciation of the world and a yearning to see more. Things became more difficult to travel when I hit adulthood, I wanted to see everything but money always restricted me.  In my first year of working full time after graduating university, my partner and I decided to get into the property market.  In retrospect, it was a great decision, however, it was also the reason that I never really left the ‘broke life’.  I had always thought that once I finished school, or once I finished studying at University, or once I was married, or once I got ‘that’ job…that things would be financially easier and that I wouldn’t be living from pay to pay.  That the dreaded credit card debt would be a thing of the past.

We managed to get a few good trips in before I had a child and the finances became significantly tighter.  My husband and I then moved back in to live with my parents to make things easier financially.  Fast forward a few years and my daughter and I are still living with my parents, I am no longer with her father.  I am working, volunteering, mentoring, tutoring, nannying, looking after my beautiful daughter full time, taking her to preschool, dance class, swimming lessons, play dates…… the list is never ending.  I am still living from pay to pay (or bill to bill!) and still working towards being the Mum that I was lucky enough to grow up with.  I am unable to shake the feeling that something is missing.

I am now on the journey to find that something and get to seeing the world with my princess.  Starting this blog is the beginning of that journey :)