Bhutanese shopfront

Our products

We visited Bhutan recently. While we were there, I absolutely fell in love with the handicrafts that I saw. Being such a small country who has only just acquired internet in the last few years, as much as I searched online, I found it incredibly difficult to be able to find the products. This gave me an idea, what if I were to make the most of the audience that I have through my blog to be able to sell these products around the world? This would then support the people in the small towns where the products are made and also build a connection between our followers and the countries that we visit.

I left Bhutan and entered India with a new mission. I am now so proud to say that I sell products from both India and Bhutan.  More handicrafts from these countries and others will no doubt be on their way as we travel the world and see the beautiful products that each unique place has to offer.