I am a mother, a photographer and a writer. I have been a single parent for over 4 years. Throughout this time, I have been on a journey back to me. My business is about rediscovering who I am and what brings me joy.
My number one joy and my reason for everything is my daughter. She is now 6 and we have travelled to 8 countries together. What a treat it has been for both of us.

Last year my daughter and I went to Bhutan and India. We fell in love with the places and the people, we also fell in love with all of the handmade items we found. I decided to make connections with the locals whilst there and then export the handmade items back to Australia to sell. Being so involved in the process meant that I was able to ensure that the items that provided for my business are ethically sourced and that the sales of these products make a positive impact on the families who spend their time making the products.
It is important to note that the prices that I charge for the Bhutanese products are the same as the tourist prices I paid for my products whilst I was there.
— Kirsten

The Idea

Ethically sourcing hand made products from the places that I travel to with my young daughter. In doing so, we are supporting creatives from the places that we visit. Being able to get their products out to the world, while also ensuring that they benefit from these sales.

Style & Quality

As the designs are generally from small towns and made my the local people, each item has the feel of the country where it originated. Whether it is the bright cheerful colours of India, or the warm colours of Bhutan.

100% Handmade

The products that I source are all hand made, this ensures the uniqueness of each product. The Bhutanese products are all made in a town in central Bhutan called Bumthang. They are handmade by all the locals, mostly using yaks wool which ensures not only the warmth of the products, but also makes them water resistant.

Most of the Indian items are handmade in Jaipur.